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Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period

Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Periods
Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Periods

Are you looking for Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period? If Yes, You are at the right place.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “waiting period” when considering pet insurance. The coverage period for pet insurance typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the insurer. Conditions that require even longer waiting periods before coverage begins may also be subject to longer waiting periods. This is how pet insurers prevent themselves from taking on too much risk. 

The pet insurance policy helps you pay for your dog’s or cat’s medical bills after an accident or illness. Maintaining your pet’s health is also covered as part of some pet insurance plans, including preventive care such as annual vet exams, vaccinations, and dental care.

It is a common practice for pet insurance plans to demand that you wait a certain amount of time before they cover veterinary care. Most pet insurance companies have waiting periods of two to 14 days, although some companies have shorter and longer ones. 

This article will examine Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period. In addition, we will share some tips on how to navigate pet insurance waiting periods. 

Does Pet Insurance with No Waiting Period Exist?

There are only a few pet insurance policies with waiting periods. Among the 22 companies we compared, only Pets Best and MetLife provide immediate pet insurance coverage: MetLife has a zero-day waiting period for accidents, and Pets Best in Maine does not. The odds of finding immediate coverage for illnesses are even higher.

You can get a waiver if you’re switching between policies if you’re eligible for a promotion or submit your pet for a qualifying exam within a specified period after you purchase a plan. While these waivers may provide immediate coverage, they may shorten the wait period.

What is Pet insurance?

What is Pet insurance?
What is Pet insurance?

A pet insurance policy covers unexpected injuries and illnesses. Certain problems, such as pet illnesses and cruciate ligament injuries, are typically not covered when you buy a policy. You’ll need to wait a certain amount before you start receiving benefits. The best pet insurance companies have short waiting periods, but all pet insurers have them.

What Is A Waiting Period?

A pet insurance policy involves more than just what coverage, pricing, and deductibles are included. There is usually a waiting period between 14 and 30 days once you’ve enrolled with pet insurance. The pet insurance provider ensures your pet has no undisclosed illnesses or conditions during this time.

Types of Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

Pet insurance policies often have a different waiting period for different types of coverage. These are some of the most common waiting periods.

Accident Waiting Periods

A waiting period typically lasts one to 14 days after an accident. Among the types of accidents covered are fractured teeth, broken bones, swallowed objects, bites from other creatures, and teeth fractures.

Illness Waiting Periods

The waiting periods for illness tend to be longer than those for accidents, ranging from 14 to 30 days. For instance, they can treat cancer, stomach issues, ear infections, heart problems, or allergies.

Waiting Periods for Orthopedic Conditions

Some pet insurance plans may have a separate waiting period for orthopedic conditions like hip dysplasia, patella dislocation, or ligament injuries. It is sometimes necessary for dogs only to undergo these waiting periods. They can range from fourteen days to six months.

The coverage for orthopedic conditions in dogs under Embrace pet insurance starts after six months. Still, if you have your veterinarian perform an orthopedic exam, you can reduce the period to 14 days. In addition to a 12-month waiting period, Healthy Paws offers hip dysplasia coverage only to pets enrolled before age six.

Waiting Periods for Pre-Existing Conditions

Curable pre-existing conditions and incurable pre-existing conditions are the most common types. Many pet insurance companies will cover curable pre-existing conditions after 180 days or 12 months free of symptoms.

Pre-existing conditions that can be cured before you buy insurance are temporary health problems that have been treated and resolved. Several infectious diseases include respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Some pet insurance companies, such as AKC, cover incurable pre-existing conditions. Having had your policy for 365 days may qualify you for coverage if you have pre-existing conditions, like allergies and chronic ear infections. (Not all states offer this coverage.)

Wellness Plan Waiting Periods

Most pet insurance companies offer optional wellness plans designed to cover routine services such as check-ups, vaccinations, flea treatment, and prevention of ticks and fleas. There are often no waiting periods associated with wellness plans.

What is Pet Insurance with Waiting Periods?

What is Pet Insurance with Waiting Periods?
What is Pet Insurance with Waiting Periods?

A new pet insurance policy requires a certain waiting period before being used. A waiting period is the period during which you have to wait. The purpose of waiting periods is to prevent fraudulent claims from being submitted. The waiting periods make it harder to buy and use a policy on the same day a pet is injured and then cancel it afterward.

According to our research, accidents usually take eight days to be resolved, and illnesses take approximately two weeks. It takes six months or more to treat orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament tears. It is common for insurance companies to offer routine wellness coverage the day following the effective date of your policy.

How Does a Pet Insurance Waiting Period Work?

There are generally three types of pet insurance waiting periods.

Waiting Periods for Accidents

An accident, such as a broken bone or swallowed object, will not be covered for this long before it starts. A pet insurance company typically requires a waiting period between one day and 15 days after an accident.

Waiting Periods for Illnesses

If you have an illness like cancer or a urinary tract infection, you have a certain amount of time before your coverage kicks in. Most pet insurance companies usually cover illnesses after a 14-day waiting period.

Waiting Periods for Other Types of Problems

A specific condition, such as cruciate ligament damage or hip dysplasia, takes some time before your coverage kicks in. A waiting period of six to 12 months is often the norm.

The waiting periods for certain conditions are different for all pet insurance companies. For instance, the ASPCA offers pet insurance without a waiting period for orthopedic conditions.

How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period

How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Periods
How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Periods

Compare Insurance Policies Carefully

Comparing the major features, pricing, and coverage options of various pet insurance plans is a good idea. You can find all the information about the plan’s premiums, deductibles, copays, and sample reimbursements here, along with any restrictions or extras.

Additionally, it is helpful to speak with an insurance agent. A pet insurance company can offer you options from multiple insurers rather than just one to assist you in finding the right policy.

Evaluate Benefits and Exclusions

Many insurance policies have limitations on coverage, which can affect claim settlements and monthly payments. Insurers often reject applications for coverage due to preexisting problems, genetic disorders, congenital disabilities, and breeding-related diseases.

The expense of owning a specific breed can be overwhelming, so read the fine print carefully to ensure the illness is covered.

Assess Your Pet’s Health Needs

Your insurance policy can often be tailored to meet your specific needs by adjusting your deductible, copay, and maximum yearly benefit.

Make sure you know as much as possible about your pet’s breed, and speak with your doctor if you have any concerns. Assess the alternatives for protecting health, accidents, and diseases.

Buy Pet Insurance When Your Pet is Young and Healthy

It is important to remember that your pet’s age and health are major factors in determining the amount of coverage and the premium. Insurance premiums are usually lower for younger animals since there are fewer restrictions. The majority of pet insurance policies do not cover preexisting conditions.

Your pet will not be covered for cataracts or other diabetic complications even if they already have them when you enroll them. The best way to ensure full coverage for your pet is to get pet insurance before they develop a health problem.

What are the Best Pet Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period?

Some pet insurance companies have short waiting periods, so you can get reimbursed for claims more quickly. Below are some of the best companies we found with short waiting periods for pet insurance.

Lemonade Pet Insurance

Lemonade Pet Insurance
Lemonade Pet Insurance

Lemonade topped our list for the best pet insurance with short waiting periods because of its low prices and top-of-the-line technology. A Lemonade pet insurance policy can be purchased quickly and easily through its well-designed website: you must answer a few simple questions to get a quote instantly.

The Lemonade app allows you to manage your pet insurance policy and claim payment, which is deposited directly into your bank account. The company also covers dental procedures, prescription medications, and preventative care. There is no waiting period for preventative care with Lemonade, which is very short.

Pros and Cons of Lemonade Pet Insurance


  • The coverage is extensive
  •  A great user experience
  •  Competitors are more expensive


  • Comparing plans online is difficult
  •  The service is only available in 37 states
  •  There is no 24-hour vet line

Metlife pet insurance

Metlife pet insurance
Metlife pet insurance

Pet insurance from Metlife is the only company that allows you to enroll multiple pets under the same plan, and there is virtually no waiting period for accidents. Your benefits will be available at midnight on the effective date of your coverage. The illness coverage only begins 14 days after the policy’s start date, which is standard for most other pet insurance companies. 

A Metlife pet insurance policy won’t cover orthopedic conditions, such as cruciate ligament problems, until six months after the policy starts. Unfortunately, the waiting period cannot be shortened by a waiver. 

Pros & Cons of Metlife pet insurance


  • Easily enroll multiple pets in one plan
  •  Accidents have virtually no waiting period
  •  Benefits begin at midnight on the day your coverage takes effect


  • Your policy doesn’t cover illnesses until 14 days after it starts
  •  Metlife doesn’t cover orthopedic conditions
  •  Waivers are not available to shorten this waiting period

Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance
Spot Pet Insurance

The Spot Insurance company is a newcomer in the pet insurance industry. It offers plans with limits ranging from $2,500 to unlimited and highly customizable features. The 14-day waiting period is average, but it applies to knee and ligament conditions, frequently requiring a longer time to heal.

Pros and Cons of Spot Pet Insurance


  • The option of unlimited coverage per year
  •  The knee and ligament coverage waiting period is 14 days
  •  A 10% discount is available for multiple pets


  • It takes 14 days for accident coverage to begin
  •  Weekends are not a time for customer service

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance
Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace’s pet insurance provides pet parents with multiple discount options, including 10% off for additional pets, 5% off for military families, and 10% off for employees of companies that offer the policy. Additionally, you can credit $50 toward your co-payment every year you do not claim with the Healthy Pet Deductible.

Orthopedic conditions have a six-month waiting period at Embrace, but the Orthopedic Exam and Waiver can significantly reduce this time. A two-day waiting period is all that is required for accident coverage.

Pros and Cons of Embrace Pet Insurance


  • The option to add routine medical care, such as vaccinations, to the plan
  •  The deductible has been reduced for years without a claim being filed
  •  A coverage of working dogs (racing, guarding, etc.)


  • Wellness coverage has a low dollar limit
  •  The coverage of prescription food and supplements is not provided

Figo Pet Insurance

Figo Pet Insurance
Figo Pet Insurance

There is a waiting period of one day for accidents and a waiting period of fourteen days for illnesses with FIGO pet insurance. When it comes to orthopedic conditions, there is a six-month waiting period. Suppose you enroll your dog or cat with Figo within 30 days after getting a vet’s confirmation that they do not have a preexisting orthopedic condition. In that case, the waiting period will only be 30 days.

A benefit of Figo is that it can also cover curable preexisting conditions. You won’t have to pay for future treatment if your dog or cat shows no signs or symptoms of a condition in 12 months and hasn’t received treatment within that timeframe.

Pros & Cons Figo Pet Insurance


  • It offers a 100% reimbursement policy
  •  The accident waiting period is the shortest
  •  An Extra Care Pack covers boarding, theft, and end-of-life costs


  • Exam fees require additional coverage
  •  The deductibles for older pets are high.

Pet Insurance Companies With Short Waiting Period

The table below compares various insurers’ waiting periods for injuries and illnesses. When it comes to waiting periods for accidents, they can range from zero days up to 15 days, while when it comes to illness waiting periods, they are typically 14 or 15 days.

There is no waiting period for accidents with MetLife among the insurers we reviewed. Pets Best also offers immediate accident coverage, but only for residents of Maine. The waiting period for an accident is one day on Figo, two days on Embrace, and two days on Lemonade.

CompanyAccident waiting period (in days)Illness waiting period (in days)
Pet Insurance Companies With Short Waiting Periods

Tips to Navigate Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

There are differences between pet insurance plans, especially regarding waiting periods. Understanding waiting periods and reading the fine print of your pet insurance policy are important if you’re considering buying it.

A pet insurance policy might require a 14-day waiting period for illness claims, but minor illnesses, such as ear infections, may be covered within a few days. Consider asking your provider if they offer a waiver that reduces the waiting time if you have orthopedic issues. 

Depending on your plan provider, there may not be a way to avoid a waiting period fully. Hence, your dog or cat should have pet insurance when in good health. 

How to Compare Pet Insurance Companies With Short Waiting Periods?

Waiting periods are an important component of pet insurance policies but shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. There are other things you should look for as well.

  • Pet Insurance Plan Type: Your pet insurance plan will cover different things depending on your chosen type. An accident and illness plan is the best option if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage. You might opt for an accident-only plan if you prefer a less expensive one covering emergencies like swallowing foreign objects.
  •  The Annual Coverage, The Deductible, and the Reimbursement Percentage: Various pet insurers provide different cover options, some more extensive than others. It is possible to reduce the cost of pet insurance by selecting a lower coverage amount, deductible, and reimbursement percentage.
  •  Pet Insurance Extras: It might be beneficial to add a pet wellness plan or access pet telehealth 24 hours a day. It is important to shop around since not all insurers provide these options.
  •  Pet Insurance Discounts: Pet insurance costs can be reduced if you qualify for a discount. Examples include multipet discounts, military discounts, and spay/neuter discounts.

Getting the best deal on pet insurance for a reasonable price begins with comparing quotes after selecting the type of policy and other options, such as the amount of coverage and reimbursement percentage. An agent can provide you with free quotes over the phone or online.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

A pet’s insurance costs may vary depending on the insurance provider you choose, the location you live in, your pet’s breed, their age, and more. Pet insurance costs vary depending on the plan type, especially if the plan has extensive coverage or if you add preventative care coverage. Your plan’s cost will likely increase as its coverage increases. 

The following numbers will give you an idea of how much pet insurance costs. The average monthly cost of a dog insurance plan is $28 per month, while a cat insurance plan can be as low as $11. A daily plan can cost as little as $10 or as much as $90 per month, depending on your preferences.

Is Buying Pet Insurance Worth It?

There is no doubt that pet insurance is worth the money for most pet owners. Pet parents should always have a backup plan if their pet is injured or develops an illness, as accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, so preparing for that is vital. The cost of veterinary care can quickly increase, and many pet parents need more money. 

The benefits of pet insurance include protecting yourself financially and ensuring that recommended treatments won’t be denied.


Do Pet Insurance Policies Have Waiting Periods?

There is more than always a waiting period associated with pet insurance policies. There is a period between when you first enroll in the plan and when coverage begins officially. The waiting period for accidents and illnesses is typically 14 days, but some providers, such as Lemonade and Embrace, can reduce it to two days.

Can I Get Retroactive Pet Insurance?

A pet insurance policy won’t cover vet bills or health conditions that occurred before you purchased it or before the waiting period ended. Because of this, it’s best to get pet health insurance when your pet is young and healthy. 

Is There Pet Insurance That Starts Immediately?

Every pet insurance company requires a waiting period. The industry only offers pet insurance plans with waiting periods for accident-and-illness coverage.

No same-day pet insurance policies are available because pet insurance companies want pet owners to purchase a policy before something bad happens to their pets. The absence of waiting periods could result in pet insurers paying out vet bills for pre-existing conditions, usually not covered by pet insurance plans.

The best way to avoid long waiting periods is to get pet insurance as soon as possible. This policy will cover your pet in case of an emergency and will avoid long waiting periods.

Why Do Pet Insurance Companies Have a Waiting Period?

A pet insurance plan covers accidents and illnesses that may occur unexpectedly. The waiting period prevents insurance companies from paying out fraudulent claims associated with pre-existing conditions. A pet owner cannot immediately purchase a policy and use it to pay for expensive surgery if a dog swallows an object and needs surgery.

How Long are Pet Insurance Waiting Periods?

A pet insurance waiting period usually lasts about two weeks. However, the waiting period for pet insurance can be much shorter – as short as one or two days in some cases. Waiting periods for accidents can be shorter than for illnesses in some cases.

Is There An Emergency Pet Insurance Plan?

A pet insurance policy covers emergencies, including bone fractures, foreign objects swallowed, or illnesses. Many policies include emergency pet insurance for cats and dogs since many providers don’t distinguish emergency care from other unplanned treatments. There are many different insurance plans, so read a sample contract to ensure the terms and conditions are acceptable.

This article will provide you with a lot of insight that will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the correct type of pet insurance for your pet. Don’t forget to subscribe Shasun‘s Newsletter and telegram channel.

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